My Food Philosophy

Welcome to the first post of Recimplicity!

This blog is part of my journey to make fresh foods easier to incorporate into my diet, and generally to better enjoy healthy eating. For me, healthy eating means consuming lots of veggies, fruit, lean protein, and complex carbohydrates…supplemented by a decent amount of chocolate.

chocolate-an essential food group in every diet...especially mine

I firmly believe in focusing on foods I love to eat, instead of constructing strict rules to govern my diet.

I also don’t want to spend tons of time looking for “special” ingredients that are marketed for a healthier lifestyle. I believe it should be totally possible to eat great meals without expensive trips to specialty food stores. Going along with my minimalist grocery shopping, I have a pretty basic kitchen, without any fancy cooking gadgets (I just received a Magic Bullet for Christmas and it is changing my life!!). The only essential elements in my kitchen are the microwave and a good knife, although I do use my stove on occasion as well.

While striving to eat fast fresh recipes, I have found myself slipping into a health food rut. Egg whites or cereal in the morning, cereal as a snack, greek yogurt and a salad for lunch, cereal and other randomness for dinner, cereal before bed…I know, I might have a slight addiction to GoLean :).

Eating the same things day after day has transformed clean eating into a mundane chore instead of an element of a vibrant life. I am hoping that posting daily eats, recipes, and my relationship with food will keep me accountable to a diverse, fun diet.

4 comments on “My Food Philosophy

  1. Kathleen says:


    You are the almond milk to my oatmeal. I added Recimplicty to my bookmarks–loved it and can’t wait to read more! Also, your pic is adorable…and so you 🙂

    ❤ K

  2. Barbara says:

    Love it!
    Looking forward to reading more-also added Recimplicity to my bookmarks.


  3. […] food that I transformed into breakfast deliciousness. I will usually eat one of these with Golean (duh), wheat toast, or oatmeal for […]

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