Microwave sweet potato chili

As promised, below is the microwave version of the chili Kath and I made last night. We did a side-by-side taste comparison, and they tasted equally good. The key here is using salsa, which already contains onions (and green peppers), so you don’t have to cut or sautee anything.

Microwave version of sweet potato chili


1/2 med sweet potato, diced into small pieces

2 Tbsp black beans

2 Tbsp sweet canned corn

2 Tbsp salsa

1/4 tsp Mrs. Dash salt-free chipotle seasoning

Add sweet potatoes to a big mug, cover with water. Microwave for 3.5 minutes, check to make sure it does not boil over. Drain most of the water off. Add the beans, corn, salsa, and seasoning. Microwave for an additional 2 minutes.

*note: This is one of the (very rare) instances, in which I think it would actually be easier not to use a microwave. The water over boiled frequently. I recommend boiling water in a pot, adding the sweet potatoes and cooking for about 5 minutes.  Then drain the water, and add the rest of the ingredients.

Will I still make this in a microwave?

yeah, probably. I really do just hate using the stove that much!


One comment on “Microwave sweet potato chili

  1. […] I love Trader Joe’s boxed “Latin Style” black bean soup. The other day I was craving some-but had already eaten it all, a usual situation in my apartment. I ended up creating this equally delicious and fast version-prep time included it takes way less than five minutes! It is creamy without cream (or any dairy for that matter) and the medium salsa adds just the perfect amount of heat for me. Now what to do with the rest of black beans in the can…maybe some microwave sweet potato chili? […]

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