Dim the Lights

…Turn on some nature relaxation sounds

Grab your favorite oil

light some candles

head to the kitchen

Open the fridge…

and pull out some kale

You have a massage appointment-with your lunch.

Ok, I’m done making creepy jokes about my salad.

Kale is a trendy super food right now because all of its health benefits. It is also a dense, fibrous, and not really pleasant to chew on while raw. Unless you massage it.

I always rinse the kale (and pick out the tough stem pieces) before putting it in a plastic bag for its massage. Today I used an avocado dressing that is still a work in progress.

Plop a tablespoon of dressing in the bag, and squeeze out all of the air before massaging.

Now massage. I generally first squeeze the dressing around to distribute and then knead the bag. Don’t be shy-this veggie is tough and you will need to put some muscle into it. I will massage about 2-3 minutes. Yes, your hands should be cramping a little 😉

I put some of my favorite Athenos feta to add a little more flavor (As I said, the dressing is still missing something).

And then snagged a pinch for taste testing…

Mmmm…What a happy ending 😉

Now I am off to lunch with Kath, and then hopefully putting a dent in the mountain of work that suddenly appeared after I did nothing all weekend. Crazy how that happens sometimes!

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