Thirsty Thursday: Sweet Potato Smoothie

Ever since I got my Magic Bullet from my grandma, I have used it at least three times a week.

I never really thought of myself as a smoothie girl, but it is so easy to throw a bunch of random fruits into a blender and then drink my meal at the bus stop, walking, or in class. I decided to do this little “Thirsty Thursday” series about the various smoothies recipes I enjoy from week to week.

Yesterday felt like a whirlwind and I struggled to get from one place to other in time. I had meetings, class, a make up quiz, more meetings, and a rehearsal. I did make time to declare my Russian class pass/fail (woop woop), so hopefully that will ease some of the workload a bit. I actually totally forgot about a meeting I had scheduled in the morning and had to dash out of the house in a rush. Which meant that I left this portion of my lunch in the microwave…

Sad, lonely sweet potato

When I came back home, I wanted to use the potato somehow but didn’t really have the time to make a “real” dinner. I was in the mood for something desert-like so I decided to try to make a sweet potato pie smoothie. It was a total success, and tasted like the creamy inside of a sweet potato pie-except it was cold!

Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie

1 med sweet potato cooked and cooled

1 cup milk of your choice (I used almond)

1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1 tsp honey

1 scoop Sun Warrior

1 frozen banana

Put it all in your blender and mix it up for a quick, delicious snack to go 🙂

Pour into your fav Tervis and enjoy!

Another facet of my Wednesday’s is listening to this song approximately 24 times during dance rehearsal. I have never been a huge Beatles fan, but I love this song and always leave rehearsal humming.


3 comments on “Thirsty Thursday: Sweet Potato Smoothie

  1. kacline says:

    Looks delish 🙂

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  3. […] favorites include: sweet potato, tropical green, and PB & J. It’s my hope that these recipes bring a little fun variety […]

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