I caved

and bought this

I have been contemplating buying coconut oil for a while now because a lot of my favorite healthy living bloggers use it in their vegan recipes. However, I personally prefer to not  buy products that are only available in specialty health food stores (you can read more about my food philosophy here). But when I was at Food Lion, I saw this coconut oil on the shelf for only $6!! For those of you who don’t check the price of coconut oil online, like I do on occasion, a 16 ounce container can be from $10-$15. While the brand I bought is not organic, it still has the health benefits of coconut oil.

I don’t want to get too sciencey, mostly because I am afraid I will say something totally false (the last science class I took was AP Biology). But after doing a decent amount of research, I compiled a list of some benefits of coconut oil and a couple good articles to check out if you are interested.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties: around half of the fat in coconut oil is from lauric acid, a compound that our bodies convert into monolaurin which boasts the above health benefits

Used for energy: Coconut oil is a great source of medium-chain fatty acids. These molecules are easily digested and immediately used for energy (similar to carbohydrates), instead of being stored as fat. Medium-chain fatty acids contrast to the long chain fatty acids which constitute vegetable or seed oils. These longer molecules are difficult for the body to break down and are generally stored as fat.

Heart Healthy?: While saturated fats have been publicized as a contributing factor in cardiovascular disease, there is now a backlash against this contention. Some scientists argue that naturally occurring saturated fats are actually quite healthy for you

But remember, coconut oil still is fat. So include it sparingly into your diet.

Please let me know if I have made any errors, or if you feel this post is missing some aspect of coconut oil!


Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil and Metabolism 

Saturated fat and heart disease

I will post about my coconut oil chocolate tomorrow 🙂


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