Confessions of a Chocoholic

This weekend Perry and I enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Kale salad, tilapia, and brown rice

The kitchen was occupied, so we ate on the bed

After dinner I really wanted something sweet. Since I did all this research on coconut oil, I was excited to make something delicious with it! I read Chocolate Covered Katie’s post about three ingredient chocolate bars a couple weeks ago, and they sounded delicious.

mmm...coconut oil, cocoa powder, and agave

I didn’t take a picture of the end result because I ate them all before remembering that I would probably want a picture for the blog. Needless to say, they were a total success! The recipe is super simple and I am excited to try different varieties by adding some mix-ins.

While I snacked on that chocolate, I attempted to make some fudge balls (still a work in progress). I was mid-bite of testing some fudgey goodness, and Perry turned to me and remarked, “Wow, you eat a lot of chocolate”.

So true.

I don’t know if I have mentioned this yet or not, but I eat chocolate everyday. Literally every single day. I dump spoonfuls sprinkle cocoa powder in my oatmeal, smoothies, almond milk, or just microwave the powder with almond butter and eat it with a spoon. Trader Joe’s dark chocolate is always in my fridge. Every time I shop there, I pick up a bar for the next week or two. Their dark chocolate is so rich that I only need a little nibble to satisfy my chocolate craving. I honestly think that my chocolate consumption is fine. Cocoa powder in and of itself is not “bad” for you, and I just love the rich flavor it brings to food.

What’s your favorite way to eat chocolate?

I think mine is cocoa powder microwaved with almond butter. Mmmm so rich!


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