Best Brown Rice

Yesterday was jam packed with class and meetings. However today I don’t have any classes 🙂 and am hoping to take it slow. But also workout hard!! As I mentioned on Saturday, I am loving my Tuesday cycle class and look forward to it in this afternoon, and then I’m going back to the gym for a lifting class at night!!

What?? Two workouts in one day, that never happens in my life!

I am really trying to kick my butt (thighs, abs, arms, etc.) into shape for my Spring Break Slimdown starting next Monday!! Speaking of SBS, Chelsea served as my photographer for the printables I want to make.

Thanks, Chelsea!

I am really excited to share these workouts with you all, because they encompass everything I want in a workout: simple, fast, effective, and bodyweight only. No weights, gyms, or equipment required!

This weekend, Perry and I ate some delicious brown rice with our tilapia and kale salad. I am usually not the biggest brown rice fan, therefore it has been sitting patiently in its jar on my shelf all year waiting to be cooked.

The oatmeal has come and gone with amazing speed, the lentils have been depleted, and the rice has just been waiting for its turn to be prepared. Yes, I do talk to my food sometimes…

There are several reasons why I waited to prepare the rice. First of all, it takes a long time to prepare and you have to cook rice on the stove-two things I hate in cooking. The other reason is that I am rarely satisfied with how the rice turns out. I do not want squishy, mushy rice goop. I can get really disappointed when I spend a long time preparing a dish and then it’s not even good :/ Thankfully, that did not happen with this rice. I did my research and found the best brown rice cooking method ever!! The rice really did turn out perfect and the extra draining was worth the final product.

2 comments on “Best Brown Rice

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