The Week in Review

Week in Review

Instead of writing an actual post, I am just going to ramble about my week.

It’s Friday, give me a break.

The rough patches:

I didn’t work out yesterday. I thought about going to a cycle class before a meeting in the evening. But I thought my outfit was really cute, and didn’t want to go to a meeting all sweaty and in gym clothes. This is a glimpse into my priorities.

Lisa and I have been spending tons of time in meetings all week. I am so glad we are figuring some things out, but I also will not mind having some free time back.

A vegan fudge recipe is still eluding me. Last night I made another “failed” batch…I guess I know what I will be munching on all weekend.

So, I am officially pass/failing Russian. Which is great, because I just have to get a C to pass. But I am actually afraid that I might not try at all and then fail…

The bright spots

I talked with my future employer and managed to get my start date moved back a week for a family vacation! We are going cruisin’ woop woop It’s funny because I have not gone a cruise in 21 years, and now I get to go one TWO in four months. So excited

Phase 2 Duke tickets!! I guess the university is rewarding me for not going to a game in the last two years…


Chris Botti concert next Thursday with Chelsea…there will be A LOT of swooning


And lastly, Spring Break Slimdown workouts will be posted by Sunday!! These represent the height of my technologic knowledge…which is not very high-so lower your expectations

What I learned: You can download fonts online!! What? I have been spending so much time looking at all these awesome fonts, and not actually doing anything with them…

Happy Friday!!

also I saw this on facebook and thought it was hilarious (Perry, take note)


2 comments on “The Week in Review

  1. lisapelehach says:

    First of all, I love that hormone guide! So funny (and true). Also, your outfit yesterday WAS super cute, so don’t feel bad about not working out! I’m so glad your boss-to-be is fine changing your start date. You’ll have so much fun on your cruises…I hadn’t ever been on one until about 2 years ago and it was so relaxing (and not to mention, the food was delicious!)

  2. recimplicity says:

    Thanks Lisa! I am looking forward to the cruise, and will definitely blog about all my food experiences lol

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