Pancake Flop

After a long week, I decided to take it easy this morning. No workout for me yet, but I will be testing all of the Spring Break Slimdown exercises sometime tonight.

I woke up with a craving for some protein pancakes, but I didn’t have any egg whites or almond milk. Instead of just accepting the fact that I needed to go to the grocery store and get some ingredients, I searched the blogging world for a no egg, no almond milk, flour-less recipe. Guess what? No such thing existed.

I decided to get creative in the kitchen, and made these no egg, no almond milk, flour-less pumpkin pancakes:


They were super gross!! Gooey, tasteless, and oddly crunchy because of the chia seeds that I add as an egg substitute.

They were also really hard to flip

This debacle reminded me of why I don’t make recipes-I just simplify ideas that I have already tested.

I ate some of the pancake-wanna-be’s, but they were weird (and thick and gross). So I whipped up some oats topped with pumpkin, raisins, and cinnamon.

breakfast perfection

Even though I eat oats approximately 6 times a week for breakfast, these still hit the spot!

I am going to work on some school stuff, go to a SMART Mentoring event, and then dinner with Kath and the rest of the crew


4 comments on “Pancake Flop

  1. kacline says:

    well…the oats look good 🙂 Kyle and I made TIU’s protein pancakes this morning. I have been rolling around a recipe in my head for them, and you and I should taste-test this sometime this week. Hope your week is getting better! See you tonight! Love, K

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  3. […] kitchen that ended up creating something quite delicious (which does not happen very often-remember the pancakes?). I was working on a no bake cookie recipe and decided to add molasses as the sweetener on a whim. […]

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