Push Up Challenge Recap

After the first two weeks of the push up challenge, you are supposed to do a max test again to gauge what level to start at for the next two weeks.  I thought that now would also be a great time to talk about my experience with the challenge and how I am liking it so far. The first couple of days I did not get too sore, I could definitely feel the strain while doing the the exercises, but nothing much afterward.

That totally changed last week!! Wednesday’s workout was really tough for me, and on Thursday I could barely move my arms over my head! I love that the workouts take no time at all, but I am definitely noticing a difference in my strength. I am a little skeptical about whether I will actually be able to do 100 consecutive push ups in four weeks….I guess we will see. The 36 I just did pretty much wiped me out, but I did surpass my previous max of 29.

Honestly, I will be very pleased with the program if I can complete more push ups than Perry by the end. We thought about competing in a max challenge this weekend, but it never really happened. I am hoping that if we push the competition back a couple weeks, I will have a decent chance. Perry contends that body weight exercises are disproportionately harder for him because he weighs so much. I don’t really buy that argument, since his muscles are also bigger and therefore better equipped to lift himself! But regardless whether he is disadvantaged or not, Perry hates to lose, so it will definitely be a battle!

I am also excited to start on my SBS workouts 🙂 I am going to start tonight with two rounds of Simply Legs with 50/10 second intervals.

Get started on your workouts with me!

Enjoy your Monday!

3 comments on “Push Up Challenge Recap

  1. Caroline says:

    I did the 100 pushup challenge last year and I liked it a lot! But I only got to about 50 consecutive push ups before stopping (my elbow started to hurt). I definitely don’t think I would have made it to 100 even if I hadn’t gotten injured, but I am still glad I did it!

  2. recimplicity says:

    50 is great! I think I would be totally satisfied with that.

  3. […] push-up challenge: oh right, I did start this like 9 weeks ago. And I was doing pretty well…until the workouts became so hard that I could no longer do them in the morning before class. […]

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