Collard Wraps

The concert last night was amazing! I will post a full recap tomorrow.

In the meantime here is a great idea for an alternative “burrito” of sorts. I have made these a couple times, with various fillings and sauces. Most combinations were pretty good, and I will probably post some more ideas later. Collards are great to use as the wrap because the leaves are pretty big and rather sturdy.

Brown Rice and Kale Collard Wraps

3 large collard leaves

¼ cup brown rice

5 radishes, diced (not cut like in my pictures, because the radishes poked holes in the collards when I wrapped them up)

¼ cup kale

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

Wash the leaves in really hot water to blanch them a bit and soften. Fill with rice, kale, and radishes-be mindful that you probably won’t need as much filling as you might think. I had problems overstuffing my first couple batches. Drizzle with the vinegar of your choice. Wrap up like a burrito.



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