Workout Goals

Every Sunday I sit down a make a schedule that looks something like this

Being able to visually see my schedule of classes, mandatory meetings, and rehearsals allows me to better plan out my time for school work, workouts, work, and fun time! Last week I had a lot of fun with the game, concert, and going home. Unfortunately that also made slack off a lot a bit in the workout department. This week I thought I would share my fitness goals for the next 5 days to make me more accountable.

Cycle– 2x’s I love cycle and always make it to my Tuesday afternoon class, but later in the week I get busy and taking another class doesn’t always make it into my life.

Running– 2x’s 3 miles each, I have really gotten out of the habit of running since I came back to school. I ended last summer with my first ever triathlon, in which I ran a 10 K (by far the longest I have ever run). During my 12 week training I went from 4-5 miles per week to 16! I can’t really say that I enjoy running, but it is such great exercise and a good destressor for me. Honestly, I am kind of a baby and hate running in the cold, but I am going to suck it up and get out twice this week.

SBS– 3x’s one each of arms, legs, and abs

Push ups– 3x’s a week- I have been doing pretty good with this plan, and am really happy with my results so far 🙂

I love checking things off my to-do lists. Confession: sometimes I write a task down on my to-do list after I complete it, just so I can check it off and feel accomplished. I hope that listing everything will motivate me to complete all my workouts this week!

What motivates you to work out?

Also, totally random but Lisa posted about visiting Fearrington Village and eating at the barn for an awards ceremony. The barn is gorgeous; a lovely place for a reception. Definitely going in my “wedding planning” folder on my computer 😉

2 comments on “Workout Goals

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