I love…

Since today is Valentine’s Day, I wanted to write a tribute post to love…but then I thought it would be easier and way more entertaining to just compile a bunch of pictures of people/things I love


Adventurous dad-daughter trips

Secret sister conferences… and naps

Twin time

Roommates/family away from home

The whole crazy, cruise-ready gang

An appreciation/shared fate of Russian; as well as concerts, random Carrboro nights, and sewing projects

All of my dance family


and then (forever)

And of course…

my other half

who is never afraid to be silly

who has attended countless dance recitals without complaint

Whose presence in my life these past six and a half years, has helped me grow into the person I am.

My best friend.


3 comments on “I love…

  1. kacline says:

    love this and love you 🙂

  2. cindy hightower says:

    Beautiful tribute Erin.

  3. Anika Shana Patel says:

    Twin time is the top of my ‘I love’ list, too! Happy Valentine’s Day, twin!

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