Soup and Splurges

Yesterday was a bit dreary, so I decided to cook some soup. As I mentioned before, these jars are depleted at very different rates. Today I decided to give the oats a break and take out some lentils.

I first chopped up some garlic and let it brown in some olive oil in the pot. Then I roughly chopped carrots, celery, and a leftover sweet potato.

I dumped those in the pot with the garlic, added a can of tomatoes, some water, and the lentils. In true Erin fashion, I dug through the pantry and found a half used soup mix that also went into the pot (one of the main reasons why this cannot be considered a recipe).

It turned out really delicious-which is good because I have about a gallon in my fridge now. I did have to add water approximately four more times because the lentils soaked up a lot of liquid, and I did not want a stewy texture.

I felt really accomplished in my healthy eating quest for the evening…until Jenny came in my room with  HUGE slice of pound cake from her mom. Her mom makes the best pound cake ever, so I had to give in and eat this beast of a slice.

Did I mention that I eat all of my meals at my desk?

Afterward, I tried to negate my splurge by doing this workout by Zuzanka (formerly of It was a great workout, but I could not figure out how to do the pistol squats so I substituted alternating lunges.

Have a great Friday 🙂


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