Daily Eats

I have kind of run out of steam as far as the whole Thirsty Thursday smoothie thing goes. I will still post cool smoothie recipes as I come across them, but will not feel the pressure to have something interesting to share each week.

Today I decided to do kind of a day in the life type post by documenting everything I ate yesterday. I usually do not have the time or patience to photograph everything I eat during a normal day, but yesterday I took a little effort to give you insight into what I actually eat on a daily basis. This exercise proved really helpful for myself as well, because I have never kept a food diary or anything so it was interesting to really think about all the foods that I put into my body. Ok, enough words. Let’s get to the photos:

Breakfast: green bean and turkey egg muffins...x 3

Lunch: Tuna Cannellini salad over mixed greens

Snack 1: Greek yogurt mixed with peanut butter

topped with almonds

Snack 2: cherry tomatoes with hummus, egg muffins (number 4 of the day-did I mention they are my new favorite thing?)

Dinner: the last of the lentil soup with a little mountain of parmesan on top

Snack 3: Popcorn-I wish I could say something about how I only ate half the bag and saved some for later, but that would be a lie.

Post-workout snack: plain smoothie (almond milk, protein powder, ice, cinnamon)


One comment on “Daily Eats

  1. Ivan says:

    This is great! I have been looking for new recpies to make in the mornings so as to not get bored with my meals. I love that you can make these the night before because morning time is precious! Thanks again-Christinawww.healthyliving918.wordpress.com

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