Paris Wife and Egg Muffins

Today I am sharing my review of The Paris Wife and my recipe for Broccoli Cheddar Egg Muffins. I am really excited to be a part of a blogger book club, thanks Julie for organizing this! During school, I rarely get the opportunity to read books for pleasure but since my workload (and motivation) are declining this semester, it has been a great way to end each night. I have been working on this egg muffins and this batch has been my favorite! They are now my go-to breakfast for ease and nutrition 🙂

The Review

The Paris Wife is a historical fiction novel by Paula McLain that follows the relationship of Hadley Richardson and Ernest Hemingway in the 1920s. In general, I love historical fiction. The genre allows suspense since the reader has foreknowledge of the end results, but not the specifics of how the characters will get to that destination. While I did not start the book with a significant knowledge of Hemingway, I was familiar with the generalities of his work, wives, and death. McLain also makes it possible for a reader to become enveloped in the story, and enjoy its suspense without any knowledge of Hemingway or Hadley.

The Paris Wife is mostly written from Hadley’s perspective, but also includes excerpts from Hemingway’s writing. I thought the first couple of excerpts disrupted the flow of the narrative, but toward the middle I enjoyed realizing the profound significance of these pieces in Hemingway’s life and thinking. While Hemingway was not the primary subject of the book, his experiences and emotions governed how Hadley experienced life. For this and other reasons, I didn’t feel a connection to Hadley. She relied on Hemingway for everything, and was always willing to give up on her dreams or desires for her husband and his professional goals. Throughout the book, I continuously rooted for her to break free from him emotionally and do things that interested or excited her. Conversely, I could understand how it would be hard to adjust to life in another country, and always be referred to as the “wife of” instead of having your own identification.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. The story line was engaging, and it was interesting to see how Hemingway might have navigated the literary world before publishing any of his currently famous work. Additionally, throughout the book McClain intrigued me with hints and foreshadowing who Ernest’s next wife would be.

Broccoli Cheddar Egg Muffins

Adapted from: Kalyn’s Kitchen

Makes 12.

½ cup egg whites

5 eggs

1 ½ cup cooked broccoli (I defrosted frozen broccoli)

¾ cup shredded Cheddar cheese

Preheat the oven to 350, spray the muffin tins with vegetable oil spray. Divide the broccoli between the tins. Layer a sprinkle of cheese on top of the broccoli (I did not have enough shredded cheese so I used cheese cubes). Scramble the eggs and egg whites. Pour the egg mixture into the tins to about 3/4 full. Top with remaining cheese. Bake for 25 minutes.

Breakfast for the next couple days!


7 comments on “Paris Wife and Egg Muffins

  1. Lisa Pel says:

    Yes! The long awaited egg muffin recipe! Did you just defrost the frozen broccoli, or did you actually cook it before putting it in the oven? I’m guessing you can really put any veggie/meat in these. I think I am going to try bell peppers and onions!

    • recimplicity says:

      I just put the broccoli in the microwave for like 4 minutes (not on defrost). I don’t know exactly what that qualifies as…I think the most important thing is not to have too much liquid from the vegetables. The recipe/idea is super customizable! The first time I made it, I used turkey and green beans-it was totally random, but still turned out tasty 🙂

  2. Yum the muffins look great! I just finished the Paris wife and also thought it very well written. Engaging even though you want Hadley to stand up for herself!

    • Furkanhalid says:

      We typically put these in a large truweppare container in the fridge. They do get a tad soggy, but if you microwave them to reheat it usually resolves the issue. I’ve eaten them cold, out of the fridge and don’t mind them. They have the consistency of a quiche – so its a similar consistency when refrigerated.

  3. […] I enjoyed the Broccoli and Cheddar Egg Muffins so much, I decided to make another version. These spinach and feta muffins are just as simple but […]

  4. Kalyn says:

    Glad you enjoyed the egg muffins! I haven’t tried them with frozen broccoli, so good to know that will work.

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