Protein Bar Round-up

Happy Friday!!

I am so excited the weekend is almost here 🙂

Yesterday I spent approximately 20 minutes in Walgreens trying to find a good bar to snack on and stumbled upon two new (to me) brands that were on sale, so I gave them a go! I have been a Luna/Clif girl for a while, sophomore year, I ate a Luna bar for breakfast almost everyday. I will base my protein bar comparisons are in relation to these treats.

Toasted Nuts ‘n Cranberry

By far my favorite flavor currently, but my all time favorite was the berry-nut combo that is apparently discontinued. This bar has 11g sugar, 9g protein

Luna- chewy but crispy, lots of flavor varieties, good snack size, decent protein to sugar ratio

Maple Nut

21g sugar, 10g protein

Clif- dense, but fudgey consistency, lots of flavor varieties, lot of sugar (way more than I originally thought!)


10g sugar 20 g protein

Nogii- light, crispy, not too sweet, gluten free

Smart Crunchy Chocolate Crisp

10g sugar 5g protein

Snickers Marathon Smart Stuff- dense, chewy, right amount of sweetness, few flavor selection (I tried the trail version and was not a fan), smaller size/calorie count

After looking at these bars side by side, I will probably still eat Luna bars. I do think I will try and find some more NoGii bars for an after workout snack. I really like that the bars are not as sweet, but still have a ton of protein. The biggest downside is that there is currently only a couple flavors.

After reading Kath’s post about packing, I got inspired to throw a bunch of my stuff into a suitcase pack. While I was looking in my closet for which dress I wanted to wear for the captain’s dinner, I found this gem hiding in the top shelf:

My box of summer clothes!

Good thing I found them before “packing” ensued:


after 🙂

Well, I am off to do a little shopping with the girls, and then home to do a little shopping with the sister!

3 comments on “Protein Bar Round-up

  1. tartarsandteacups says:

    At some point- that shopping needs to be done with yours truly, young lady! xoxoLara

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