Saturday Snacking

I got home yesterday afternoon and just wanted to put on pajamas and go to bed. So needless to say, Claire and I did not make it to the mall. It has been such a long week, and I needed some sleep before I could work up some energy to go shopping.

After crashing early last night, I enjoyed a glorious nine hours of sleep!

My dad mentioned that he wanted to try the Broccoli Cheddar Egg Muffins, so I woke up a little early to get those ready. The muffins were great, and received the family seal of approval :). But since I have been eating these all week, I feasted on some overnight oats with frozen blueberries and a blob of almond butter instead.

While we were out, I picked up some last minute things for the cruise and Claire got an outfit from Aerie. We were starving when we got home, but there were not a lot of options. I just snacked my way through a couple things until I was full-meals are overrated ;)!!

First, I made a plate with mangoes and carrots with hummus.

and then snacked on a roasted soybean, pumpkin seed, and sunflower mix I found at Marshall’s

And then went back for seconds on the carrots with some almond butter and Sun Chips on the side

I am hoping to get a work out in later today. I will probably do something inside since it is so dreary and dizzly outside.

Enjoy your Saturday!


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