Cruise Recap #1: Unexpected Fun Day at Sea

Hey hey hey

I’m back to blogging after a week long break cruising in the Caribbean. I thought about maybe trying to post a couple times during the vacation, but internet was something ridiculous like 59 cents a minute!

So yeah, that didn’t happen.

A lot happened during those five days, so I am going to break up the recap into three different posts, to highlite all the fun, craziness, and eating that went on

The cruise started with a lot of unexpected delays, and weather problems that caused us to miss our first two stops in Turks and Caicos and Half Moon Cay. Despite this change of plans, and the resulting “unexpected fun day at sea” (as Carnival called it) we really did enjoy our time on the boat.

We all enjoyed the sun

Despite his best efforts, Perry still got burned :/

...and lost at mini golf

But he did win big at the casino!

Now to class and post-vacation real life


3 comments on “Cruise Recap #1: Unexpected Fun Day at Sea

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