Elliptical Interval Workout

Last night I completed Day1 of Week 4 of the Hundred Push up Challenge. Whew! I really struggled through the second set of 22, but the next two sets weren’t as tough.

Tuesday is traditionally my gym day, and I will usually go to a yoga or spin class. However yesterday I gave short presentations to two classes in the afternoon, so I wanted to look put together and not be wearing workout attire (note: it took me literally five tries to spell “attire” correctly-thank God for spell check). I thought about heading to the gym after my 9 pm meeting, but I just was not in the mood.

Sometimes going to the gym is uninspiring. I look around and wonder why exactly I thought it was a good idea to come and battle it out for a spot at the elliptical (our gyms at UNC are always packed with students in the evenings). So instead of actually working out, I just wrote down the interval workout that I tend to do on the elliptical when I do go to the gym. This workout keeps me so focused on reaching the next level that the miles literally do fly by! I love the fact that it focuses on distance instead of time, so I am not staring at the timer and willing it to speed up. I usually end up doing three to four miles with these intervals, and am sweating like crazy by minute ten. I have only ever done this on the Life Fitness brand elliptical, so you might have to adjust the level to your machine requirements/comfort.

What motivates you to workout?

Sometimes a quick trip to Pinterest can get me going on positive workout vibes, other times it takes a gym buddy (namely Kath)


3 comments on “Elliptical Interval Workout

  1. Recimplicity ~ For me working out with a partner is mandatory. Otherwise, I get bored and unmotivated. Fortunately, my husband is a great partner at the gym! On another note: why is there no “Like” button for your posts?

  2. recimplicity says:

    That’s great that you two workout together 🙂
    I decided not to show a WordPress “like” button just for the simplicity of the layout, because I prefer cleaner design. However, other bloggers do “like” some of my posts although it does not show up on my page and I have no idea how they do that!

  3. […] are some links to a few more workouts: HIIT Intervals, 20 Minute Workout, and Boredom Busting […]

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