Happy Birthday Default!

Today I wanted to take a moment to wish Kathleen a happy birthday đŸ™‚

When we first met freshman year, we both knew we would be friends. But since all of our other friends are so loud and chatty, I don’t think we managed to talk to each other the first four or five times we were together. Nonetheless we bonded over eye contact and making faces while everyone else was talking.

Since then she has been my roommate, apartment mate, study buddy, church friend, career counselor, fellow foodie, and the only person who doesn’t look at me weird when I talk about kombucha, kale, and 27 different recipes in which bananas and oats are the main ingredients.

Of our group, she is the main party planner, and always makes sure that everyone else’s birthdays are fabulous.

She is my go-to person if I am going to try and be crafty-which usually ends up with her making all of my ideas look waayy better than anything I could have ever accomplished by myself.

She is always willing to discuss/dream about/shop for Old Navy, LOFT, Banana Republic, Target, and J Crew’s newest styles; and also serve as the other half of my closet on days in which I just don’t like anything I have, or have been eyeing one of her cute cardigans.

Us in front of Lush Cosmetics-love their stuff!

She is always ready to play win any game. Ever

Thanks for being one of my best friends, Kath!

I love you so so much!

Tomorrow I am going to share the oat-free dessert I made her!

One comment on “Happy Birthday Default!

  1. kacline says:

    ah thank you đŸ™‚ your cookies were delish. you’re the best! xoxo

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