No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I really enjoyed mine 🙂 Saturday was a whole day of birthday celebration activities for Kathleen. The whole group went to see the Hunger Games in the afternoon. I read all the books a couple years ago, so I had forgotten a lot of the plot specifics but I thought on the whole, the movie was really well done. I did cry like four times, but that is to be expected lol.

After the movie, we all ate sushi at Sushi Nine. I ordered the Red Moon roll and the Crunchy Tuna roll, both were great but I think that Shiki Sushi is still my favorite.

For Kathleen’s birthday, I was excited to make a dessert from some of my many favorite healthy living blogs. The biggest hurdle in finding a recipe was that I needed an oat free treat since Kath gave up oatmeal for Lent. Unfortunately/not surprisingly most recipes involved oats or oat flour.  I was excited to find these simple no-bake peanut butter cookies on Nutrition Nut, because I also did not want to have to hunt around Whole Foods for obscure ingredients!

You can check out the recipe here. These no bake cookies were so easy to make and delicious. They are pretty healthy…as far as delicious cookies go. I loved that they didn’t taste healthy. In eating multiple pinches of the dough, I felt like I was indulging more than I actually was, which is a mark of a great healthy recipe!

Ingredients ready to be mixed

The dough is incredibly tasty-I might have eaten several cookies worth in pinches 😉

It took all my willpower not to eat the final product drizzled with dark chocolate. Only two more weeks until chocolate overload!

Again, here’s the link for the recipe.

Let me know if you make these, or any other easy somewhat healthy dessert to feature on Recimplicity!


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