We fancy, huh?

Today after church, Perry and I decided to class it up and go to the Washington Duke Inn for brunch.


We had heard great reviews about the Fairview’s Sunday brunch, and wanted to give it a try. The Fairview is an extremely nice restaurant, the kind with multiple plates and forks of varying sizes. I have felt a little awkward the couple times we have eaten there, but the food is so divine and indulgent that the uncomfortableness of not knowing what is going on (for example when I first encountered an amuse bouche and was totally confused since I had not ordered it) is worth it.

This year is also the last year that Perry receives free dining money from Duke. It is a lot more fun to be a little extravangant without actually spending “real money.”

The brunch consists of an appetizer, breads, entree, and dessert. All the food was amazing and we left incredibly stuffed satisfied. Since it was a last minute decision, we were not dressed as nice as many of the other diners-but we made it work.

I started with the smoked salmon with rye toast, capers, cream cheese, tomatoes, eggs, and red onion

Perry ordered the berry parfait

Then we feasted on a bread basket with cheddar biscuits, blueberry muffins, and croissants

For our main courses, we shared the Cornflak Challah French Toast and the Shrimp and Grits

I loved both dishes. The shrimp and grits were the best I have ever eaten, and Perry loved the french toast. After all this food I was stuffed, but I managed to save a bit of room for dessert.


Now I am fighting off a food coma in hopes of being productive for a couple hours before dance rehearsal tonight.

Have a great Sunday and Happy April Fool’s Day 🙂


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