Five Random Things

Over the past few weeks/days I have had experiences that I wanted to blog about, but they were unrelated and  I could not fit them into a post logically. So today I decided to just share a bunch of random things.

1. I found FOUR (4) four leaf clovers!

I am kind of a semiprofessional four leaf clover finder ;), so this doesn’t break any personal records, but I did think it was really cool. What wasn’t really cool is that in order to find four leaf clovers you have to look at the ground for long amount of time.

Unfortunately this can cause people around you to think 1. you are super depressed 2. you lost your earring 3. you are lame for looking for four leaf clovers. Also it hurts your neck after a while.

2. Speaking of nature, it is inch worm season in Chapel Hill. They hang down from trees and get caught in your hair or backpack. I should give these guys credit though, they have abs of steel and can inch like crazy. It took me approximately 30 attempts to capture one in the inch position.

3. I ran on a treadmill for the first time on Saturday! I have tried to run on a treadmill before, but I don’t think I have ever made it past a 1/4 mile before quitting out of intense boredom. However on Saturday it was rainy and I really wanted to run. So I geared up with my ipod and water and headed to the gym. The experience was actually not as bad as I thought it would be, and I appreciated being able to see my speed. Maybe next week I will try a treadmill interval workout?

4. Batch #2 of Kombucha has been succesfully made! I totally freaked out the first time I touched my SCOBY, but this past time was much more successful and I am feeling more confident with my brewing capabilities. I will do a full post when I start my third batch this week.

5. I have mentioned before that I love a good Cake wreck, which is almost guaranteed to make me cry with laughter. And now I must add Hyperbole and Half to my favorite hilarious websites. I have approximately eight favorite posts right now, but this one is especially hilarious.

2 comments on “Five Random Things

  1. OMG I can’t believe you found all those four-leaf clovers! I have never found one. The inchworm is adorable! I love the wooly bear caterpillars — do you get those? And, I suck at running on treadmills. I just get so bored!

  2. […] Lora commented that she had never found a four-leaf clover on this random post, I decided that everyone should have the joy and sense of accomplishment of finding a four-leaf […]

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