Daily Eats and Clover Hunting

What happens when you mix a half cup of egg white with cheddar cheese in the last bit of your pen pal salsa?

This happens

I felt like I was eating some type of science experiment gone wrong, but it was delicious! The recipe is another version of my easy eggs with salsa and cheddar cheese. For some reason, mixing chunky salsa and egg whites can change the consistency of the eggs (maybe too much liquid?). However, this salsa is more of a puree so it maintained the texture of the eggs!

I had a mid morning snack/lunch of applesauce, turkey breast, and a mix of raw almonds, cranberries, and GoLean

For lunch/mid-afternoon snack I feasted on a Tuscan Turkey sandwich from Alpine Bagel.

Pesto, fresh mozzarella, turkey, tomato, mixed greens, more pesto

This is my favorite sandwich from Alpine! So fresh and flavorful.

Dinner consisted of cottage cheese and jam, and this soup

What a delicious day! 🙂


After Lora commented that she had never found a four-leaf clover on this random post, I decided that everyone should have the joy and sense of accomplishment of finding a four-leaf clover. Below are two clover patches on my walk to school with a four-leaf clover hidden among the three-leaves.

Answers will be in tomorrow’s post. Happy hunting!

Patch #1

Patch #2


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