Yoga for Tight Hips/IT Bands

Yesterday I made it to a lovely yoga class that was much more relaxing than the “Power Yoga” Kath and I frequent on Tuesday (although I haven’t been in the past couple of weeks-so maybe I am not so frequent). The class allowed me a lot of time to stretch and enjoy the poses. After a bit of a tempo run on Monday night, yoga loosened up all my muscles especially my tight hips and IT Bands!

Below are some of my favorite poses, my hips and IT band tend to be tight so these help my flexibility in those areas especially. All of the pictures are from Yoga Journal, which also has very detailed directions on how to do the poses as well if you are interested.

Pigeon pose

Low Lunge

"Fire log" I have never heard this name for the pose, but I also cannot remember what my normal teacher calls it...

Revolved Triangle

Also just for fun:

Plow pose

Whenever I try to do this, I start to have visions of breaking  my neck. I know it’s not really logical, because everyone else seems to go into and out of the pose unscathed, but it just makes me really uncomfortable thinking about getting into the pose.

Any other good poses for runners or other athletes? Is there a pose that freaks you out a little bit?


3 comments on “Yoga for Tight Hips/IT Bands

  1. Poses that freak me out = all of them! 🙂 I am still working on crossing my leg over my knee (not like a girl, but how a guy typically does so its in a nice triangle shape, hope that makes my sense) and trying to get the crossed leg lay flat. Baby steps… maybe someday I’ll be able to do these! 🙂

    • recimplicity says:

      haha Dancing helped me out on the flexibility aspect of yoga! But i’m sure once you start to work on it consistently, you will notice a difference. Exercise challenges that freak me out=running the Boston Marathon 😉

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