200 Rep Challenge

Happy Wednesday!!

Yesterday my mom and I took our bikes out to the Greenway in Raleigh.


The Greenway is a system of bike and walking paths that go through undeveloped parts of Raleigh. According to the Parks and Rec website, the Greenway includes 77 miles of trails! I’m not sure if that includes the parts that are still being developed or not, but still it’s an extensive system.

I rode on the paths a lot while training for the triathlon last summer, and loved being able to do a 20 mile bike ride without too many loops and turn arounds. Whenever I come home, my family and I usually go for a ride or a run on the paths. The weather was amazing yesterday, and it was perfect for about an 8 mile ride.

Unfortunately, this morning was gloomy and rainy. Instead of going outside, I completed a killer workout in my living room.

I love this because it does not require any equipment or much space, but I definitely felt like I got a great workout!

2 comments on “200 Rep Challenge

  1. Food Stories says:

    You are so young and have so much energy which is a good thing. I got tired just reading your list of exercises 🙂

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