The Party and Where in the World is Perry?

As great as actually graduating was, the real fun/food came during the party!!

My younger sister, Claire, is also a (soon-to-be) graduate from high school. My mom originally planned on having a second party for Claire when she graduates in June; however, Claire did not love the idea. So we ended up adding her name to the signage just in case we did not celebrate her equally impressive graduation in a couple weeks.

Graduation announcements

My mom found some beautiful Carolina Blue patterned fabric from a fabric store and used it as a consistent accent throughout the downstairs.

We were all pretty tired from getting up so early to drive to UNC and beat the traffic, so naps were taken before people started coming over.

My dad is always down for a nap

We had soo much food!

We actually still have so much food! Everytime I open the refrigerator I get a little overwhelmed by how packed it is. Everything at the party was finger food, with a good variety of healthy and not-so- healthy treats.

Turkey and ham with rolls to make mini sandwiches

Cocktail shrimp ring

Veggies with a lemon-thyme dip

My favorite cheddar sausage balls

Pretzel thins

A delicious spinach dip-I will be sharing this recipe!

And of course, the cake 🙂

I was too busy catching up with family friends I hadn’t seen in a while to take pictures during the event. But I did really enjoy seeing everyone!


If you were wondering about Perry’s absence in my graduation pictures (some people at the party asked Claire if we had broken up-nope, we are still doing great :)). He is actually out of the country for a well deserved break.

The intense schedule of football practices and workouts makes it impossible for him to study abroad. However, he was able to go on a service trip to Ethiopia during his ten day summer break this year. I loved my two months abroad in Tanzania and was glad that he got a similar taste of East Africa. From the brief emails I have recieved, he seems enthusiastic about returning to the area. Maybe we can take a safari together or try to climb Kilimanjaro in a couple years.

Click here if you want to read an article about the trip he is on with some of the other guys on the Duke O-line. Ok, here’s one more, Perry’s quote at the end is just so him that I had to include it. I miss him a lot, but am glad he was able to take his first trip out of the country and will be home soon.

Tomorrow I will be back to the regular: recipes and workouts!


One comment on “The Party and Where in the World is Perry?

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