Tea Bag Organization

This past week I have been unpacking, purging, shopping, and repacking. It’s amazing how much stuff I have accumulated in only four years of living in dorms and apartments. There are several items that I have WAY too many of because I love/use them so much that I’ll pick up more without even thinking whether I actually need more. Including:

sticky notes/note pads in general

Scotch tape (and it’s generic counterpart)

travel size toothpaste

and tea!

Instead of packing up the 7 or so half filled boxes of tea, I searched around the internet to find a storage solution. Apparently The Container Store sells a specially designed Tea Bag Storage Container! I guess I am not alone in my teas storage woes. However, I was not quite willing to pay $12 for a plastic box so I got creative and repurposed a large tupperware container.


I can fit about 75 tea bags in the container. Sadly, it does not fit everything; but the box eliminated about five tea boxes. I love that I can see all of the bags and they are easily accessible.

I deem it an overall success!


8 comments on “Tea Bag Organization

  1. Food Stories says:

    Embarrassing to admit but I have one of those tea organizers from the container store (love, love, love the container store, btw) but unfortunately, not all my tea bags fit in the slots so your idea is much better and cheaper.

  2. thelady8home says:

    Tupperwares are are so handy!

    I also use fancy baskets for storing teabags. We drink a lot of tea, and lot of varieties too, even loose ones. So I used a gift basket with a lid and have layered them similarly, only, I used ziplocks to store one kind of teabags. Because it’s a basket, from outside, it looks gorgeous. Inside, ziplocking tea bags together means I get to store more.

  3. Grace says:

    This all looks really cute, everything looks way better when it’s organized.
    Good job!

  4. tartarsandteacups says:

    Why are you so freakin’ adorable?!?!

  5. […] you know from my need to organize tea bags, I love tea! So I am so excited to add peppermint to my collection. I have heard some people drink […]

  6. Inga says:

    Good idea, I was just thinking that I needed to consolidate all those boxes that have 3 teabags left in them. >^..^<

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