Foodie Pen Pals: May

My trip to Charlotte yesterday was very successful. I met with my future boss and coworkers AND signed my lease for my new apartment. It still feels like I am playing dress-up when I put on professional clothes, but soon I think the reality will sink in (I start work in mid June, so maybe by July?). On the downside, my company has a fairly strict dress code and does not allow open toe shoes, which is sad because I love wedge sandals. Also it is just so hard to find comfortable pumps!

It’s time for another Foodie Pen Pals post!

Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean organizes this every month, and I just keep coming back for more :). Check out her blog for more information on how to sign up for June-it is open for both bloggers and readers!. Here are the links to my posts from March and April.

One of the best thins about this program is getting to try different healthy treats that I might never buy for myself. Brittany from beermeamartini sent me a crazy delicious package filled with cool foods that were mostly new to me. I love trying new things, so I was really excited to break open her package!

The whole spread

As you know from my need to organize tea bags, I love tea! So I am so excited to add peppermint to my collection. I have heard some people drink a glass at night to combat the urge to snack, which is something I definitely need to try. The granola was super crunchy and chock full of chocolate 🙂 definitely a win.

Other treats included:

These Good Bean granola bars were actually quite delicious! I don’t think I would have ever ventured to try them on my own.

These raw lemon cookies were a great find as well! The cookies were super crisp and just sweet enough.

I also devoured the toffee chocolate bar. yum 🙂

You can check out the treats I sent Anna this month


8 comments on “Foodie Pen Pals: May

  1. ooooh those super cookies sound great!

  2. Toffee sea salt and chocolate! That sounds like the perfect combo!

  3. Those cookies sound amazing!!

  4. Danielle says:

    Mmmm…the toffee sea salt bar is calling my name. I’ll have to pick one up next time I’m at Whole Foods.

  5. I feel your pain about the open toed shoes. I just started a new job where they don’t allow them either. It was a great excuse to go shopping for some closed toed shoes though 🙂

    On other note, your package looks great. Especially the cookies!!

  6. Food Stories says:

    What a great box of stuff … Cool that most of it was new to you 🙂

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