Cruisin’ Summer 2012: Life Onboard

I am finally back in blogging action after a lovely week cruising in the Caribbean with my family. It was great to have a week of relaxation and pampering. I want to give a huge thank you to my three lovely guest bloggers: Lora, Kath, and CJ.

This week, I am rudely confronted with the reality of moving to Charlotte to start my first “real” job next Monday. But first I want to relive a little bit of my vacation and share some of the highlights with you all.

We cruised on the huge Freedom of the Seas.

The ship offered a lot of activities throughout the day, so we were never bored!

There are were several pools to swim in (but we mostly used them for tanning around;)).

Speaking of tanning, my family is drastically separated by skin types. My mom, sister, and myself naturally have olive-toned skin that tans very easily-yay for Asian genes! However my dad is super pale and sunburns very easily. Even when he tans, it is to a pink-brown. For the trip, my mom bought these two bottles of suntan spray to cater to the different needs of the family.

A 102 SPF difference.

I didn’t even know SPF 110 existed! To be fair, the girls actually prefer an SPF of 30 and we used 50 for most of the trip. So the difference is not that huge, but still I thought it was an apt depiction of the differences in our family.


Mini golf-one of my favorite cruise activities.

A rock climbing wall and basketball court.

I will say that climbing the rock wall was probably the scariest venture of the whole vacation! I have climbed several rock walls at camps and in indoor centers, without ever being afraid. However when I started to scale this wall on the last day, the wind was blowing at a fierce 25 mph. During the harrowing climb it took all my willpower to push away the visions of me losing my grip on the wall and flying out into the ocean. I really didn’t want to quit without reaching the top, so I focused on scaling the wall as quickly as possible so I could return to the ground.

We ate amazing food every night. The daily desserts and ice cream did not coordinate well with my goal of staying trim on vacation, but vacations are for indulging!

Despite my goal of working out 3-4 times, I only made it to the gym once.  Running on the treadmill while the boat is gently rocking was a little unnerving, and I clung to the handle bars to keep myself upright while running in serpentine patterns. This form of exercise was exhausting for my body and my sanity, so I never attempted it again.

Claire and I shared a room/cubby hole. I loved that it was pitch black with the lights off, we could sleep in until noon and never know it until we looked at the clock.

Tomorrow I will share a bit about our adventures in Haiti and Jamaica!


7 comments on “Cruisin’ Summer 2012: Life Onboard

  1. Michael says:

    Looks like a great vacation. We are still hanging out at Cindy’s beach house. Hope you enjoy your new job. Mimi, Cindy, Michael

  2. tartarsandteacups says:

    So glad you are back! 😀 That dining room looks like the one from the Titanic. Let’s get our Celine Dion on!!!

  3. Looks you had a rocking time! You have a beautiful family 🙂 I love the white dress…so summary.

  4. Food Stories says:

    I’m so jealous. I have booked a cruise twice for dear hubby and I but had to cancel both times. These pictures really make me want to go 🙂

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