Ikea Food

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend 🙂

Perry and I treked out to Ikea (one of my most favorite stores to browse in) on Saturday. I love how they display all the furniture in model rooms, especially the teeny tiny apartments. There was one display of a 400 sq foot apartment! Somehow they made it look roomy-or at least not too cramped.

We also sampled their lunch. I got the fish with mashed potatoes and veggies, while Perry tried the Swedish meatballs. I was surprised that the food was actually quite good, although a bit on the salty side.

Perry bought a large picture on canvas. I didn’t know if it would fit in the car, but we made it work by pushing the seats up.

Perry was very mature about being squished up in the front seat.

He kept reminding me that if we crashed and the air bags deployed, both of his legs would be broken. Thankfully, we made it back in one piece. Although it took Perry about five minutes to get the feeling back in his feet, since they had been asleep for so long.

I also returned to the Farmer’s market on Saturday. I guess people wanted to get Fourth of July food last week, because it was much less crowded this week. I picked up some more fun treats this week:

A mixture of lettuce, I forget which varieties it contains. I like that the leaves are very crisp and flat, but it is more bitter than romaine.

A sizable watermelon that Perry and I loved. I ate about 1/4 of it after my 6 mile run on Sunday-so sweet and juicy!

…and these vegetables

Anyone know what these are? I have a feeling that Minnie might have a guess, because there is an Indian variety as well. These weird looking things are the recipe for tomorrow, so look out for that!

Overall, a great weekend. I am loving these long summer days.

One huge difference between working and being in school is that I no longer have to do homework on the weekends. It’s crazy how much time there is in a day when you don’t have to study (or feel like you should be studying).

However, I will say that the work days are so long! I try and get up around 6:30am to work out, shower, and blog a bit before heading to the office. Even though I am enjoying everything at work, staring at a computer all day makes me want to sleep. We have a Kuerig machine in the office, and I am in the habit of grabbing a cup at 10, 1 and 4. I know its a terrible habit to get into, but I get soo tired. I am going to try and substitute some of my coffee for green tea this next week, in hopes of weaning myself off of the java a little bit.

Other big news, I got my first offer for a giveaway for my readers! I am really excited about the opportunity, and will post the details and how to enter tonight.

Enjoy your Monday!

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3 comments on “Ikea Food

  1. Bitter Gourd!!!!! I LOVE that vegetable!! It’s a
    must have in every lunch menu at my Mom’s house. Can’t wait for the recipe.

    We as a family are a big fan of Ikea food. Especially their meatballs and cold salmon salads. Had it last Sunday. I also bought some fab table mats. I especially like their bed sheets, their quality and durability is excellent.

  2. […] Minnie was correct in her guess about the mystery vegetable from yesterday! I will post that recipe tomorrow. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest This entry […]

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