Healthy Snacking Ideas

Happy Friday!

This week has really flown by for me, I can’t believe we are well into July already!

I will say that the work day has dragged on and on for me. Although this is mostly due to the fact that our office K-cup machine broke on Wednesday, and I am used to a certain level of caffeination throughout the day. A couple coworkers and I made an emergency Starbucks run yesterday afternoon because everyone was half asleep.

Thankfully I had my arsenal of snacks to keep my energy up!

Today I am guest posting over at Crazy Running Girl about all of my go-to snacks and favorite snacks to bring to work. You should check it out!

3 comments on “Healthy Snacking Ideas

  1. Hoping over to Crazy running girl.

    Erin, I have awarded you The Addictive Blog Award 🙂

  2. Food Stories says:

    Heading Over Now …

  3. Yay thanks for being a guest poster!!! 🙂

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