Homemade Nutrigrain Bars

Nutrigrain bars are by far my favorite snack bar. I love the bready coating and sweet gooey jelly on the inside. But they are also not healthy at all! I rarely buy them, but will pass them wistfully in the grocery store.

Instead of perpetually pining for the overly processed snack, I decided to look around the blogging world for a great subsitute. After a little experiementation, I used settled on this recipe from Peas and Thank You. I liked that it included whole wheat flour, lots of oats, and only minimal sugar.

I generally followed the recipe except that I substituted coconut oil for Earth Balance. The crust was a great replication of the nutrigrain taste, and the fruit preserve center was excellent as well. The first time I made the recipe, I thought the crust was actually too thick, and on the second try I found that I could make a 9×13 pan of bars, instead of the 8×8 suggested in the recipe.

The bars are definitely still a treat, because of the high sugar content in the preserves. Although I bet the taste would be maintained if one wanted to use sugar-free preserves instead (I’m looking at you, C.J. ;)).

9 comments on “Homemade Nutrigrain Bars

  1. Food Stories says:

    Awww … Thank you, Erin 🙂

  2. thelady8home says:

    The bars look so tempting Erin! I love your snack ideas. Always awesome!

  3. Kara says:

    Oooh these look good! I never eat the bars like this that you buy at the store because I try to stay away from processed foods, but these look like an amazing alternative. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Isobel says:

    My dad would love these! Making a note to make these soon! 😀

  5. Jane says:

    Do you have the recipe for these? The link for the original says it no longer exists! They look great!

  6. Kim says:

    Any chance you have the actual recipe that you can post here? The link is no longer available. Would love to make these for one of my children who has a lot of food allergies.

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