Simply Me

Hi! I’m Erin; I recently graduated and am now living and working in the Charlotte area.

I love healthy food and am continually searching for ways to make my life (and food choices) more simple. I have been active my whole life as a dancer and also enjoy hiking, cycling, swimming, running, yoga, pilates (especially when it is taught by Cassey), bodyrock…and basically anything that keeps me moving.

My mom always encouraged (forced) my sister and I to eat natural, organic food throughout my childhood. And while organic, no-salt/sugar, fresh ground peanut butter on wheat bread did not help my lunch trading options in elementary school, I did learn to distinguish “good” carbs from “bad” and cultivate a love for fresh, raw food!

However, there is a slight problem with my food preferences…

I hate spending lots of time cooking!

I do not get any joy from being the kitchen (unless I am baking up some deliciousness in the oven; baking and cooking are VERY different to me). I wish I loved cooking, there are so many really cool healthy recipes I would love to eat- I just don’t want to make them! My ideal recipe has less than ten ingredients and can be made in ten minutes or less.

My love of healthy eating and aversion to cooking came together to create this blog. I want to create (or just simplify) delicious, fresh recipes. I hope it reaches out to all those other people with a passion for healthy lifestyles but without the time (or desire) to dedicate to meal prep.

Feel free to post about my recipes, just link provide a link back to me and use your own pictures 🙂

If you ever want to contact me, my email is recimplicity [at] gmail dot com.

9/13/2013 Update: After taking a year off from blogging, I am now blogging with my husband on our new site


5 comments on “Simply Me

  1. foodstoriesblog says:

    Thanks for connecting with me on foodbuzz. Your site looks great and I have added you to my reading list so I can keep up with what’s going on. Best Wishes!

  2. tartarsandteacups says:


    • recimplicity says:

      haha puh-lease! You want to redo my header? Yours is so awesome and cool-but I hate photoshop so I never get anything accomplished on that front:/

      • tartarsandteacups says:

        Not photoshop, girl- used word and screen-shot 🙂 I’d be glad to do it for you, though!

  3. tartarsandteacups says:

    Hey hi!!!
    I really love following and reading your blog (aka formula message for how awesome you are!!!), so I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award, which you can find here:

    Keep on keepin’ on!

    Best, Lara

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