Striking a Balance

Happy Monday!

It feels like forever since I last posted on the blog!

I am alive and well; life has just been so crazy. I am still figuring out this whole work-life balance thing. I haven’t talked much about work on the blog, but I am getting to a place where I am enjoying most of everyday. The office is quite young (I would say the median age is in the late 20s) and everyone is energetic and lots of fun. We eat lunch together, have happy hours, and forward funny videos. I especially appreciate that everyone seems to genuinely enjoy the work, and just generally has a great attitude about the job. I loved being able to take my first business trip last week. It was totally unexpected (my boss asked me on Monday if I wanted to leave Tuesday night) and I jumped at the opportunity to actually meet clients in person. However, I didn’t return home until 10:30 on Wednesday evening, and then had to go to work in the morning as usual! My job is not a 9-5 deal, and I feel a little pressured to get in early and stay late. Thankfully, I am getting to a place where I feel pretty competent and am actually enjoying (most of) what I do, so the hours spent at work aren’t too painful.

The biggest downside about spending lots of time at work is that it cuts into my friend-making time. For the first time in my life, I do not have a built in friend group from just being in school. It has been an adjustment trying to seek out people with common interests and trying to be their friend, without appearing too desperate. I do have a few friends/acquaintances in Charlotte, as does my roommate, and between the two of us we almost have even people to form a friend group lol. In addition to meeting people through mutual friends, I am attending a church and its associated young adult group. I am thinking about maybe joining a gym/yoga studio, but I might have to wait for a Groupon 🙂 I am looking forward to relying on a solid group of people that I can call if I find an interesting event to attend, or just want someone to hang out with on a weekend.

All this friend searching has caused me to choose socializing over sleep in the short run, in hopes of building friendships for when I am not so tired. I don’t know if that makes sense, but basically I find myself going out with people when all I want to do is sleep. However, thus far Friday nights have been reserved for 10-12 hours of glorious sleep.

Okay, so I realize that this may not appear as a “healthy living” post at first glance, but I do think that having friends, a fulfilling job, and adequate sleep are all important in living healthy…so that’s how I am going to justify it 😉

Side note: My camera refuses to work and claims there is  a “lens error” whenever I turn it on! I am going to try and borrow my roommates camera for the next couple of weeks, until I cave and buy a new camera. Also the track ball inside my BlackBerry decided now was a great time to loosen and randomly fall out of my phone…so a new phone is probably in my near future.