Clearing out the fridge

Let the countdown begin!! In one week from now I will be landing in Florida, for my very first cruise 🙂

Spring Break cannot get here soon enough!

That being said, the week before spring is always jam-packed with midterms, papers, readings, etc. I know I will not have a lot of time to cook, so this weekend I prepared several foods to get me through the week while also clearing out the fridge/pantry/freezer.

Egg mfuffins-recipe to come on Wednesday


Four baked swai fillets and red onions

Chopped romaine

And if all else fails, I always have my trusty jar of peanut butter

Recipes this week will mostly be a hodge-podge of whatever frozen vegetables I can find to make some tasty combination. There will likely be a lot of eggs involved, because I need to get through a dozen this week. I will definitely be feasting on mashed cauliflower-one of my fav easy freezer recipes!

Happy Monday 🙂